AAYBR 2020 Barrel Horse news ad

Hello everyone!!  I hope you all have already heard the great news that we are a GO for this year’s All American Youth Barrel Race!!  We are so excited as we know so many of you are as well!!  We sure hope everyone has made it through this pandemic safely and are now READY TO BARREL RACE!!  On line entries are coming in rapidly and I’m betting our mailbox fills up soon!!  At this time we do not know if we will have to have any restrictions etc. but I’m confident that if we do have to have restrictions regarding social distancing or something that you all will be happy to comply!  We just received the go ahead on Friday, May 1st, so at this time we are ordering awards and praying that our suppliers will be able to have crews working in time for us to receive them but everyone is doing their best!  Thank you all for your patience and we look forward to seeing ya’ll in June!!  God Bless!!

AAY Alternate Entry Form 2020

Schedule of Events:

Tues. June 16
8 am -7pm      Check in, settle in, and open arena

Wed. June 17 
9 am – 1st go Open 1-600
Followed by 1st go Ponies (approx. 9 pm)

Thurs. June 18 
9 am- 1st go open ( 601-end )                                                                                                          Followed by – 2nd go open (600-251)

Fri. June 19
9 am- 2nd go open (250-1)
Followed by- 2nd go open (End – 601)

Sat. June 20
11 am- Opening Introduction
Followed by 2nd go Ponies
Followed by AAYBR FINALS!!

2020 Show Dates: 

The All American Youth Barrel race are:  June 16-20, 2020

The MEGA Barrel Race dates are August 19-22, 2020!

Mark your calendars and plan your vacation and we look forward to seeing you all in 2020.  Also, check us out on Facebook:  The All American Youth and The MEGA both have Facebook pages under the above names.

VENDORS NEED TO EMAIL LYNN AT lanbar77llc@gmail.com for info regarding becoming a vendor.