The MEGA pre-entry draw is posted!!  Please look at your sidepot info and double check you are in the correct sidepot!  IMPORTANT IMPORTANT IMPORTANT…We will NOT change the sidepot results because you fail to check it and make sure we have put you in the correct sidepot after noon on Friday.  At 4 PM on Friday, the sidepot results will be official and we no longer will make any changes or corrections ,( our error or yours at this point)  this includes  any changes for the 2nd go results.  It’s important to consider that if you hit a barrel the first go, or don’t think you are even possibly in the sidepot, YOU MUST check the results of the 1st go just to make sure you are in the correct sidepot!!  At 4:00 on Friday,  all sidepots are official!!

MEGA 2019 correct


2019 Show Dates: 

The All American Youth Barrel race are:  June 11-15, 2019

The MEGA Barrel Race dates are August 21-24, 2019!

Mark your calendars and plan your vacation and we look forward to seeing you all in 2019.  Also, check us out on Facebook:  The All American Youth and The MEGA both have Facebook pages under the above names.

VENDORS NEED TO EMAIL LYNN AT lanbar77llc@gmail.com for info regarding becoming a vendor.