FAQ’s and other Information:

RV SPOTS: RV Hookups are first come first served and are handled by the Fair Association.  We have no control over them at all.  The Fair Assoc. tells us to tell you to find a hook up and they will come and put a sticker on your trailer and collect from you.  The hookups around the barns are electric & water only, and the hookups behind Barn 9 & 10 on the Midway are full hookups.  The ONLY reserved hook ups are for STAFF and SPONSORS!!

You must check in at the show office prior to your first run.  Back numbers are required on your back or saddle pad.

DRESS CODE: Short sleeved collared golf shirts and/or our show t-shirts in the go round and Full dress code in the Finals.  Hat or helmets are required in ALL rounds.

HAT FINES- Hat fines are $5.00 and payable to whomever of our staff who picked up your hat….ex. first barrel setter, gate workers etc.  You MAY NOT send someone in to the arena or alleyway to pick up your hat.

HORSE CHANGES- Horse changes can be done in show office upon check in or anytime PRIOR to your first fun. You must run the same horse in 2nd go and Finals that you ran in the 1st go.


STALLS- All overnight horses MUST BE STALLED!!  There are NO tie outs!  This is a facility rule.  Most if not ALL stalls will be sold so DO NOT get in an empty stall….it being empty is just because the people it has been assigned to have not arrived.

TABS- No tabs for entry fees or stalls, etc.  You must be paid in full before your run for you to have a qualified time!!

TIMER MALFUNCTION RULE:  If the timer malfunctions during your run, the announcer will NOT notify mid-run and if you hit a barrel or go off pattern then you carry the hit barrel penalty into your re-run, thus no re-runs will be awarded.  If you run clean & the timer misses you, then in your re-run you get a free roll, meaning any knocked over barrels will not be penalized.

Shavings are also handled by the Fair Association and will be sold on site.  We do not know their hours or have control of when they open so our advice is to at least bring a bag or two so if you arrive and they are not open you can at least put down a little padding.  Shavings are not included in the stall fee.

Host Hotels

 When booking your rooms at the Host Hotels, it is imperative that you call the facility DIRECTLY.  If you don’t you probably won’t get the best rate and they won’t know that you are with our race and we won’t get credit for your room stay.  This credit is important for them allowing us to block rooms etc. so, PLEASE mention the race when reserving!!


Host Hotels:
Hampton Inn, 320 Greymont Ave., Jackson, MS, (601) 352-1700                Holiday Inn Express 601-948-4466